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Kyong cooks with her husband Larry. They are a fun team to watch and learn from. Larry and Kyong present in their latest video vegan country cooking. Kyong is known for her vegan meat substitute recipes. Larry and Kyong have the ministry Taste of Heaven. Check back periodically to see what's new on the Taste of Heaven -- Weathersby page.


Country CookingThe Weathersby's have a whole line of great cookbooks.

Buy Kyong's cookbooks at TheKitchenClub shop.

If you would like to contact Kyong to do a cooking school in your area, call them at (479) 243-9216 or go to their Web site

Weathersby' Cooking Video Archives:


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The Thanksgiving video is an MP4 (Apple) file.  It has a slight delay before playing.  Wait for the Q to be replaced by the player. 


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Your Suggested Thanksgving Menu:

Stuffed Turkey Roll
Turkey Gravy
Sweet Potato Turn-Ovr
Cucumber Sweet and Sour Salad
Cranberry Nut Muffins

Something different for Thanksgiving that it excellent for taste and health.

True to hot dog vegan recipe.  They look like real hotdogs!  They have a similar texture to hot dogs and taste great.


Image of Korean Teriyaki Steak - Korean OrientalKOREAN ORIENTAL - 9081 Great lineup of Korean specific Oriental dishes. Unique use of vegan meat substitutes. See items below: VIEW | DOWNLOAD | PDF
Image of Hamburger Like Steaks - Good Home CookingGOOD HOME COOKING - 8098 Learn how to make great beef like seasoning for gravy or other uses. This is a traditional vegan meal of hamburger like steaks with mashed potatoes and gray. Great menu! VIEW | DOWNLOAD | PDF
Image of Larry and Kyong Weathersby - Country CookingCOUNTRY COOKING - 9033 Great tips on vegan "better than bologne." These folks know how to cook the fun vegan meat substitutes! This video presents a fantastic country menu. VIEW | DOWNLOAD | PDF
Image of lunch meatPARTY THEME - LUNCH MEATS You'll not be short on ideas to hold a healthy holiday party with Kyong's tips and recipes on homemade vegetarian lunch meat and party sandwiches with party decor. (Lunch meat slices pictured to the left) VIEW | DOWNLOAD | PDF

Image of Cashew Chicken-LikeORIENTAL DISHES -- CASHEW CHICKEN-LIKE -- Very creative oriental topping on a bed of rice. A must have menu along with Kyong's other menus. Pretty, healthy and satisfying meal. This recipe uses the Chicken Gluten recipe from Kyong's Chicken-Like Flavored Meat Substitutes menu. And for those of you intolerant to gluten, substitute the gluten with tofu. You'll find Kyong giving this advice in the Steak and Celery Stir Fry video demonstration.


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